SMART stands for Small Motor Accident Repair Technology and is a policy designed to assist in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle as at the time of purchase. The policy ensures your vehicle remains free from chips, scuffs, light scratches and minor dents.

Key features & benefits

  • Our SMART insurance policy provides a small body repair system that will keep your vehicle in showroom condition, without compromising your no-claims bonus.
  • The policy ensures your vehicle remains free from chips, minor dents, light scratches and scuffs.
  • If your claim is outside the parameters for Smart Insurance and cannot be fixed under these guidelines, there is a €250 contribution towards the cost of any individual body shop repair.

SMART Insurance

A standard Smart Insurance policy is sold for three hundred and ninety nine euros, for a three year insurance

policy. Included in the price of this policy are insurer costs of one hundred and eighty nine euros, government tax

of nineteen euros and ninety five cent, dealer commission of one hundred and forty euros and Mobilize Financial

Services income of fifty euros and five cent inclusive of any administrative costs.

The administration costs noted above includes (but not limited to) the following areas of cost: Customer service,

Account management, Website maintenance, Training costs, Distribution costs, Product information documents,

Qualifications cost, Legal costs & Documentation fees.